Ronstan Series 20 BB Orbit Block Double Becket Lashing

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** Lashing line must pass through the hub with a tight splice in the head or cross over before lashing to a fixing point.

Suits up to 4mm (5/32") lashing

great for

  • Control lines
  • Leech Lines & Cunninghams
  • Cascading vangs
  • Kite bridles
  • Perfect for multi purchase vang systems on performance dinghies such as the Moth, 49er and ILCA®.
Sheave Ø 20 mm
Max. Rope Ø 6 mm
Max. Cable Ø mm
Pin Ø mm
M.W.L. 300 kg
B. L. 800 kg
Weight 14 g
* Both MWL and BL are dependent on the strength of the line used to lash the block through the central hub. Refer to the SUPPORT tab for lashing instructions.