Robline globe Pro 8mm Green Rope

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The 12-strand Robtec core is fully coated and may be stripped and tapered to any needs. The variety of colors of the 24-carrier cover helps to keep the yacht sorted and tidy. Globe Pro is versatile enough to be used for any application on board a performance yacht.



  • Cover: Polyester
  • Core: Robtec
  • 3400kg Breaking load

Ultra High Modulus Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) = Robtec, Dyneema®, Spectra, etc.

UHMWPE producers change polyethylene on a molecular basis and turn the fibers in one direction. The result is UHMWPE; a material that exhibits increased breaking loads (very low elongation at break for synthetic fibers) and reduced stretch. Furthermore, UHMWPE has a very low specific weight that imparts buoyancy, good abrasion strength, and resistance to sunlight. The only downside of UHMWPE is that it creeps. This means that the fiber will show permanent elongation under load. However, due to its impressive advantages, UHMWPE is the most widely used high-tech fiber in the yachting rope segment and is particularly well suited for use as a core material for high-tech cordage. The core bears the load, while the cover merely serves as protection against abrasion and light. Therefore, it is possible to remove the cover from the rope ends without reducing the rope's breaking strength. This is why UHMWPE can be used for all high-quality products such as sheets, halyards, and trim lines. Due to the slippery surface and the “self-lubrication” of UHMWPE fibers, they are ideal for all applications where a reduction of chafe and friction is needed.