Revolve-Tec Rollable Boat Hook

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Boat hook highlights

Full size 1.9m boat hook when unrolled.


Rolled up composite boat hook

Small roll of only 11cm diameter by 12cm high and integrated hook carrier minimises stowage space


Handle on rollable boat hook

High-viz foam handle with built in buoyancy for easy retrieval if dropped overboard


Rollable boat hook

Removable hook with rubber tipped fending tip to prevent damage. Can be replaced with different attachments to minimise deck clutter 


Designed from the start to be adaptable and flexible. Swap the hook for the accessory you need to help with essential boat tasks. 


Not just a boat hook !

Our rollable boat hook is part of the modular deck gear system. The hook can be quickly changed out for other accessories to help with essential maintenance. The rollable handle combined with swappable tools minimises the space taken up onboard and avoids unecessary duplication and clutter.