Nodus Opening Pulley PO40

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Opening Pulley PO


Nodus Factory T® Shackle Opening Pulley. This pulley with pivoting cheeks is light, simple and reliable. 

It allows to quickly fix the pulley while resisting to heavy loads.


The Nodus pulley is higly resistant and extremely light. The pulleys are compact with a very high working load offering an easy and safe adjustment.

The T® shackle is a textile shackle specially designed for a lashing block. 

  • Universal textile fastener for lashing block
  • Easy to use ¬ Closure ¬ Cape knot® ¬ Quick opening link even after heavy load (orange thread)
  • Reliable and maintenance free
Description Breaking Load  recommended rope Ø
Lenghth under the pulley Weight Sail area
Kg cm gr 40 nds /m²

Pulley PO 40 700 8/10 7 67 12/14