2 Farr: A Remarkable Restoration Story of a Beached Farr Half Tonner

2 Farr: A Remarkable Restoration Story of a Beached Farr Half Tonner

The restoration of the beached Farr Half Tonner 2 Farr (the ex-2269 from the 1977 Half Ton Cup series, and sistership to Gunboat Rangiriri and Swuzzlebubble), was completed and was re-launched in early October 2014.

The restoration of 2 Farr was a long project for her Australian owner, Will Baum, who saved the yacht after she was wrecked on a Melbourne beach.

2 Farr had her first sail in October 2014 (the 'G' on the sail denotes the Royal Geelong Yacht Club).


History of 2 Farr

2269 was an Australian sistership to the New Zealand Farr centreboarders Gunboat Rangiriri and Swuzzlebubble, designed for the Half Ton Cup held in Sydney in December 1977. The yachts were 'big' Half Tonners, with more length and sail area than Farr's earlier 920 design, and a higher ballast ratio. The engines on all three yachts was placed alongside the centreboard and just behind the mast - this assisted with bow down trim for rating purposes, but was central enough to reduce the yacht's pitching moment and ensure that it would be fast through the expected Sydney chop.

2269 was built in New Zealand and then transported to Australia for the Dunhill sponsored Australian Half Ton trial series. The centreboard class of 1977 were a step ahead of their fixed keel competitors, although 2269 had not enjoyed the same tuning period as Gunboat Rangiriri and Swuzzlebubble and was not up to speed with her New Zealand sisterships. After the Dunhill series their Fraser sails were changed to Norths and John Bertrand was brought on as tactician.

She was beached in a storm in or about 2013 and was considered an insurance write off, with lots of damage to the hull and holes in the deck. However, her new owner undertook a complete rebuild in Melbourne and was expected to be back in the water in late 2013. Modifications included installing a new Yanmar 13hp engine under the companionway stairs, and new swept spreader rig and an open transom, and strengthening of the deck which had become soft over time.


Rebuilding 2 Farr

Back in 2011 Will Baum, and his father, Geoff, purchased the shell of 2 Farr. It was a long 4 year project to rebuild. Will said his experience building yachts was pretty limited as he had no idea about fibre glassing, grinding, painting, motors, electronics etc. Luckily Geoff had some experience in both boat building and as a qualified cabinet maker.

It was a great father son project which drove Will's passion for sailing even more with the amount of hours spent in the restoration. This was a contributing factor to starting his own marine business and then the retail side in 2021.